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Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic in Co.Monaghan

Focused Treatment for focused Individuals

Welcome to Gerard Nolan Physioworks

Physioworks is Ireland’s premier physiotherapy and sports injury clinics, offering a comprehensive range of chartered physiotherapy, fitness and training services.
We specialise in back/neck pain, headaches, joint pain, sports injuries such as muscle pulls and tears, as well as post-operative rehabilitation. Physioworks prides itself in providing the very best in diagnosis and treatment, using a multi-disciplinary approach that includes Chartered Physiotherapists, Pilate’s instructors, personal trainers and sports massage therapists.
Services on offer include Manipulation, Mobilisation, Acupuncture, Clinical Pilates, Sports Massage, Electrotherapy and Supervised Rehabilitation exercises in our gym. Our highly trained advisors also provide Circuit & Core Training and Pilate’s classes, as well as personal training and nutrition advice.
Conditions Treated
At Physioworks Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic, we can help you treat;
1. headaches
2. neck pain
3. repetitive strain and occupational injuries (OOS)
4. rotator cuff and other shoulder injuries
5. tennis elbow, golfers elbow
6. wrist and hand sprains
7. rehabilitation following surgery or sports injuries
8. respiratory conditions
9. impaired mobility
10. back pain
11. ergonomic or postural problems
12. muscle imbalance
13. arthritis
14. hip pain
15. knee pain
16. knee cartilage problems
17. ACL reconstructions
18. sprained ankles and feet
19. deep or heavy bruising
20. growing pains
21. muscle tears and strains
22. flat feet and many other conditions.

What makes us unique?
What makes Physioworks Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic unique is:

  1. Minimum 30-minute consultations with only one client seen at a time.
  2. Thorough assessment to provide a diagnosis, prognosis and individually tailored treatment plan.
  3. Hands-on treatment approach involving manual therapy and exercise prescription.
  4. Traction, ultrasound and electrical stimulation are used as an adjunct to hands-on treatment to assist when necessary.
  5. Personal self-management programs taught to ensure effectiveness of treatment
  6. Minimum number of repeat treatments required
  7. Correspondence with doctors, insurers, rehabilitation providers, HR managers and other health professionals when necessary to co-ordinate and optimise rehabilitation.
  8. Referral to your general practitioner, orthopaedic surgeon, podiatrist, and etc if indicated.
  9. Text message reminder the day before your appointment

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